Our Mission and Focus

We strive to engage the patient and guide them in their own journey for health by providing an environment for collaboration. Our staff can help you achieve you own medical and mental well-being. We stress prevention and stay connected as a means to achieve wellness.

Our focus is to keep you out of the hospital. From cradle to grave, we embrace the well-being of our patients, providing care and counsel at home, in the office, or in the hospital.

Don't take our word for it. We are nationally recognized for quality, achieving the highest certification of the National Committee on Quality Assessment!

Better Care, Better Health, Lower Cost.

Preventive Medicine

The emphasis in healthcare today is PREVENTION. We are firm believers in Preventive Medicine, which focuses on discovering and managing health problems before they become major life health challenges. Our goal is to protect, promote, and maintain health and well-being to prevent disease and disability.


As your family Doctors, we oversee your preventive care

Educating patients in disease prevention and health maintenance is one of the biggest functions a Family Doctor performs. We care for your entire being, including your mental and emotional needs. This might take the form of helping you with:

  • Stress relief and anger management techniques
  • Weight control and nutritional counseling
  • Dietary analysis and recommendations
  • Suggesting the best forms of physical exercise for your fitness level
  • Behavioral changes

As your Family Doctors, we are experts at managing common complaints

When a child has a flu virus, or you feel like you’re coming down with another bladder infection, your family doctor is your go-to medical resource for the appropriate care. If your child needs immunizations for school or camp, you have concerns about your child’s physical growth rate, or your child needs a sports or work physical, your family doctor is your first stop.

As your Family Doctors, we diagnose emerging conditions

Because we provide treatment to you and your family over long periods of time, Family Doctors know your medical history very well. We know what’s “normal” for you, and are often the first person you confide in when you experience new or unusual symptoms. Your Family Doctor’s familiarity with you helps him quickly recognize a significant change that might indicate a serious or hidden condition.

Family Doctors are often the first to screen you for early signs of serious diseases such as cancer, and often they’re the first to detect emerging conditions. We order, perform and interpret tests to diagnose conditions, explain the results to you and then monitor your progress and reevaluate your well-being.

As your Family Doctors, we will help you manage chronic illness

Stroke, heart disease, asthma, diabetes and cancer are some of the most common chronic and degenerative conditions managed by Family Doctors. We provide ongoing and personalized care, to see you through some of the most challenging times in your life. We continuously assess your progress, and determine the next best step in your individualized treatment plan.

As your Family Doctors, we are the quarterbacks of your health care team

As your Family Doctors, we supervise nurses, physician assistants and medical assistants. We coordinate on your behalf with rehabilitation and occupational therapists, mental health workers, pharmacists, social workers and other health care providers.

We refer you to a specialist if your condition becomes serious and we stay involved and informed, acting as your biggest advocate. This spares you the stress of having to figure everything out alone. Your Family Doctor interfaces with a collaborative network of physicians to provide you with integrated care to ensure all of your medical needs are met.

Are you ready to team up with Family Physicians who are passionate about Preventive Care and are dedicated to supporting your family’s wellness through all of life’s cycles?

Dr. Floriano offers a compassionate, patient-centered Family Medicine experience that will last you a lifetime!

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